Saturday, August 11, 2007

WHEW, What a month already!

So, Mark is changing jobs. Technically, his first day is Monday, but it's a consulting job, so it's all travel, and his first trip will be with someone else. Kind of an orientation, so to speak. Fun part is that the guy's on vacation next week, so Mark will do some phone work, but beyond that, he's home all week. Not bad to start a new job with a vacation! He had a
'forced" vacation last week, too, thanks to the old job and the IT world. So, we've been BUSY! We're getting the house ready to put on the market. We've painted a whole room, an accent wall, and below a chair rail that we've installed, gotten a new dining table and chairs set up, and done some general cleaning up around downstairs. We've set up a reading area in the loft, and reorganized the big boy's room and the playroom. Now we just have to finish the chair rail and install crown moulding, hang the rest of the pictures, paint the rest of downstairs, clean out some closets.....Not much, haha!
We also took time out to have family time, including going to the fair. That was fun, but not as much as I thought it would be, really. Cameron enjoyed some rides with daddy and alone, and Jacob was VERY patient with the whole ride. We watched some dogs do some diving, did a mini-farming experience where he fed chickens, gathered eggs, milked a cow, and took veggies to the market. I'll get some pics and video up soon, I have to download them.
I'll get more info up soon!